Did Sam Pepper Finally Quit the Internet?

This better not be another prank.

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  • What is notorious YouTuber and alleged sexual harasser Sam Pepper up to now?

    Well, when last we saw the blue-haired British prankster who got famous by groping women in the street and then saying “it’s just a prank” like that made everything okay, he was convincing one of his friends that another friend had been murdered in front of him and making people so angry that Anonymous threatened to attack him.

    And now, supposedly, Sam has quit the internet.

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  • Not only has his Twitter account gone dark with all tweets deleted except that one (which I have indeed screencapped for posterity, thanks for asking), but when you visit his YouTube channel, this is what you get:

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  • Now, before you start popping champagne corks or anything, keep in mind that those accounts are still there. They have not been deleted - he still has one million followers and 2.3 million subscribers at his disposal. And the videos are likely only made private, so they could come back at any time.

    Plus, this is Sam Freaking Pepper we’re talking about here. So right now I’m bracing for, at best, a ploy for attention and widespread news coverage before he makes his triumphant return, or at worst, something even more horrendous like “SAM PEPPER FILMS HIMSELF COMMITTING SUICIDE PRANK.” (For the record, I do not want him to hurt himself and I certainly do not want him to horrify people by pretending to hurt himself.)

    But yeah, the idea of him actually quitting the internet and leaving everyone alone will be nice while it lasts.

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