Watch This Insane Fake Japanese Trump Commercial RIGHT NOW


  • Mike Diva, YouTube's premier visual effects wizard/director/musician/editor/weirdo, has topped himself again. We first covered his work, specifically his badass Slenderman fan film, over three freaking years ago, and have since covered his awesome Kazoo Kid trap remix and his Harlem Shake going wrong.

    This time, he's created his vision of what a Japanese pro-Trump ad might look like, and hoo boy is it wild. This video has everything: chibi Trump, winky Trump, Trump Mountain, sakura Trump, Trump llama, Adolf Trumpler, Trump Voltron, a f*cking wall, and an intact World Trade Center (at 0:24). What more could you want?

    Of course, this video has gotten the internet's full attention. (We even included a clip from it in our Trump #AskTheGays video yesterday.) Here are some tweets!

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  • What do you think? Is this commercial a piece of VFX wizardry, or is Trump too scary to be mocked like this? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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