Guy Proposes During Flight "Emergency!"

Because amidst panic is the opportune moment for a proposal.

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  • Apparently the best time to propose is when the plane is going down ... or at least when your girlfriend thinks the plane is going down.

    This video comes to us from YouTube channel Ogotrice. The lucky guy filmed it on a GoPro on his way home from a trip to Catalina Island with his girlfriend.

    Following a montage of the couple being adorable on vacation together, the video shows footage of what looks like a minor flight emergency where the controls stop responding, which is never good. Telling her not to panic, he asks her to walk him through a list of instructions to reset the controls, which she nervously does - until she gets to the one about initiating a “ring engagement procedure.”

    What happens next might make you tear up just a little bit, be warned. And at the very least, he knows that she's pretty cool under pressure!

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