Heinz Super Bowl Ad Stars A Stampede Of Wiener Dogs

Can we take a bite?!

  • Weiner stampede


  • One week before the big day, Heinz released the extended cut of their adorable Super Bowl commercial. The ad includes the one thing we’re all always looking for in a $5 million ad spot, a stampede of wiener dogs.

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  • The ad, entitled “Wiener Stampede,” shows a large group of dachshunds dressed as hot dogs majestically running in a field, then eventually meeting the “Heinz family” aka people dressed in ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce costumes. Heinz added the hashtag, #MeetTheKetchups, in hopes of people spreading this ad around social media, and because it’s so cute we’re happy to do so.

  • This commercial includes everything that the American people could ever want in a Super Bowl commercial: dogs, slow motion, inspiring music, and ketchup. We can only hope that the rest of the ads on game day will be this adorable and hilarious.

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