#PowerpuffYourself Completely Takes Over Social Media

Literally everyone is doing it.

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  • If you weren't around on the internet yesterday, you might have missed a minor apocalyptic harbinger. Everybody became a Powerpuff Girl. The soon-to-be-rebooted Cartoon Network classic launched an avatar generator and a social media campaign called #PowerpuffYourself, and man, I don't think a branded viral marketing campaign could have gone any better. I'm pretty sure every single person I follow on social media made a Powerpuff'd version of themselves. (I know I did.)

    Like all good memes, this one manifested in some pretty interesting places.

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  • Fuse seized the opportunity to meme musical artists, from Bieber to Beyonce.

  • Fandoms Powerpuff'd their favorite characters.

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  • And of course, some people took it in a different direction.

  • What do you think about the meme? Stupid? Cute? Complete waste of time? Did you join in the chaos and Powerpuff yourself? (Be honest, of course you did.)

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