TODAY IN ANIMALS: Husky’s First Howl, Shaving Monkey, Chernobyl Pups

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  • Folks, we here on the internet — in outlets like What’s Trending — we have to keep you abreast of what indeed is trending. We have to let you know what is trending in all avenues — and today we give you the latest trends in animal videos! For the first, we got a puppy. And I know wha you’re thinking — you are already dying of cuteness at the puppy! Well, hold on to your “aww” shouting mouth! I got some news! This is a husky puppy! (Awwww!) and— AND— he howls for the first time! (Awww!!!!!)

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  • Okay. I hope you’ve unclenched your puppy adoring your hearts for a moment. Because I have a treat for you— more puppies! Albeit, these are radioactive puppies in the outskirts of Chernobyl, Ukraine — which is the fallout site of one of the worst nuclear accidents of human history. You’re instructed not to pet the puppies — but as the taker of the video notes — he wanted to pet them so bad!

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  • Finally, here’s a video I found of a monkey shaving.

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