Look at This Cat, This Cat Got Stoooned

This cat ate a bunch of pot plants and got messed up.

  • We loved cats wanting cheeseburgers 15 years ago, but my friends, cats grow up, and they get into the harder stuff, videos of them get more lovable — and so here we are with one of the greatest cat videos I’ve ever seen. It’s about a cat who got into some pot plants, ate the pot plants, and got all happy and sleepy and stoned. Look at that delighted marijuana adoring cat. No a kitty care in the world, just taking a giant nap under the chair. It’s like — 420, but the 0 is a paw print.

    And, just when you think the video can’t get any better, watch. Watch and be amazed as there is — spoiler alert — a second stoned cat. My goodness. One stoned cat is funny, but two stoned cats? That is something to aspire to as a comedic voice in the universe out there. There’s also a cat who is not as stoned, but it’s like, he’s fine, you know. Not as funny as these… stoned cats!

    What do you think of the super stoned cat? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

    Also, while we’re on the subject of animal videos, this video of a dog screaming after getting his butt grabbed is one of my favorites of all time. Go watch it, dorks.

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