Soda Pup Meme Will Warm Puppy Loving Heart

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  • We here at What’s Trending love our good pups. Puppers, puppos, doggos, whatever, and why wouldn’t we! Those little guys are cute cute cute and cute! Well, the one thing cuter than puppies, is puppies in costumes, and the soda pup meme is here to cater just that! As Kotaku covered the meme they've discovered it originated in Taiwan, with Taiwanese Instagrammer Yumiliu526 being a particular catalyst, and then proceeded to adorable paw and wag its soda inspired tail all over the internet! All you need is a bottle cap, a soda label, and an ability to corral a cute little puppy! Aww! Soda pups! Let’s check out the cute little dogs below!

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  • The little cuties. Maybe I could make a cute little milkshake dog out of a poodle. Put a Milkshake cap on its head and go "its fuzzy curls? Just the beauty of a cute little milkshake pup." Look. These soda dogs are great.

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