Naked Dancers In Downtown LA! And Top 6 Nudity Stunts

VH1 promoted the new show "Dating Naked" where contestants go on dates in their birthday suits.

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    VH1 pulled a stunt to shock onlookers in downtown Los Angeles by having dancers bare it all in public. Men and women, young and old, and dancers of all body shapes tangoed together in their birthday suits.

    The stunt promoted the channel's new dating reality show, "Dating Naked." The show, which is hosted by Amy Paffrath, is "Survivor" meets "Blind Date." Contestants go on three first dates, completely naked, and chose who they would like to continue to date after the show.

    While the concept of the dating show might be original, the public nudity stunt is not. Here's our top tantalizing naked videos.

  • 1. ''Baby Baby Baby'' by Make The Girl Dance

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  • 2. Naked Guy Picking Up Girls by Freddy Fairhair

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  • 3. Naked Girls On Video Prank

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  • 4. Getting Naked In Yoga Class by The Dudesons

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  • 5. Model Walks Through Copenhagen Wearing A Painted on T-shirt by Ecrib Ertekss

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  • 6. Shirtless (Naked) Prank At The Gym by Kidder14

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