#FangirlPlanet, a Doc You'll Wish Was Real

Watch Sir David Attenborough narrate the primal urges of fangirls and LOVE IT.

  • #FangirlPlanet | David Attenborough | BBC

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    Yesterday Youtuber Ali Jardz released a trailer for a fake documentary called #FangirlPlanet. The trailer is made up of BBC archive footage and narration by Sir David Attenborough about herds of animals...but it's so on-point you could believe he actually narrated the piece. And it's hysterical.

    Ali Jardz seems excited to be getting the attention for his awesome video, taking to twitter to share his disbelief.

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    Yes, Ali, we like it! And we appreciate you heading over to reddit to answer questions like "Where did you get the footage?" (a compilation of documentaries that can be found here). Thanks, Ali!

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    And, finally, the acceptance of his new-found fame.

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