Fifty Shades of Frozen, The Trailer You Never Knew You Needed

Leave it to the internet to mash up one of the most successful adult franchises, with last year's biggest children's movie.

  • Fifty Shades of Frozen - Official Trailer

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  • Is this the trailer any of us really wanted to see? Probably not, but once you's pretty hard not to love. You still hate it a little bit, but it's that weird secret guilty pleasure kind of love you'd never tell anyone about it. Because when you see the title of the video, it's kind of like..

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  • But then seeing Rapunzel as the receptionist, and this trailer being just as awkward as the actual Fifty Shades of Grey trailer kinda makes you shift into..

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  • Which brings us back around to the very weird feeling of equal amounts of love and hate for this video. Along with some self doubt about your own personal tastes. Thanks, internet.

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