Does God Love Sex? I'm Guessing He's A Top

Restored Church describes itself as "Gospel Centered" (duh), but it's billboard has a strong proclamation about God that many might find surprising.

  • Sex billboard

    "I [heart-image] SEX" is a quote you'd attribute to most warm-blooded humans. But, this billboard from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, proud home of the Apparently Kid, proclaims that God, the Almighty, creator of all things, is in fact the being that [heart-image]s sex.

    How is this possible? Pastor Dan Nichols of Restored Church in Wilkes-Barre, will be giving a September Sermon Series all about sex in healthy marriages, and hope the billboard will bring more people to his services.

  • So, it seems that a bit of the quote is missing. It should say "I [heart-image] sex between a man and woman in the bonds of holy matrimony." Not quite as sexy, and makes God out to be kind of a voyeur. I mean, shouldn't He want to engage in some sex of his own once in awhile? I guess God just likes to watch. Like the guy Arnold was pretending to be in True Lies.

    h/t uproxx

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