15 Minutes Of 2014's Best News Bloopers

Includes Mike Tyson, F**kabee, and the weirdest Hungarian news fight I've ever seen.

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    Live television is always nerve-wracking for its participants — anything can happen when you can't just cut and redo it. Fortunately for the rest of us, it can also create those real, potent, completely off-the-cuff moments that nobody could have been prepared for.

    For example, that guy dropping his brand new iPhone 6. That was great! And the guy who thought his co-anchor was saying "panties" instead of "peonies." And the guy at 5:45 who thinks the Rangers are a sinking ship, and then gave the most wonderful, half-second reaction shot in local news history.

    Then, of course, there's the fight at 13:23. What on Earth is going on here? WHO CARES! These are men from some country other than the United States fighting with the top of a table on live television! Let's just bask in its glory.

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