It Looks Like Michelle Obama Shaved Her Head and We Can't Handle It

No word yet on whether her arms are jealous of all the attention.

  • Michelle Obama did a little guest appearance on Jeopardy yesterday to continue pushing her "eat some vegetables for gods' sake or we're all literally going to die" initiative on the masses. And, in true American form, we found a way to completely ignore any talk of the obesity epidemic in favor of something that really matters. Obviously, I'm talking about the fact that she looked bald.

    Is she actually bald? No. Does that matter? NO. We have a perfect storm here. A perfect storm of 1) her hair being slicked back, 2) the Jeopardy lighting guy phoning it in because the show's target demographic lost their eyesight a decade ago when they turned 70, and 3) us needing something to distract us from all her ~blood pressure~ talk so we can go on eating pizza rolls in peace.

    What's that sound? Oh, just thousands of amateur twitter comedians across the globe cracking their knuckles simultaneously. If you think of something witty fast enough, you might make it into some blog's tweet roundup! No time to waste! Be hilarious! GO GO GO GO!

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  • And, of course, you get bonus points for showing off your photoshop skills. I'm just going to kick back and wait for someone to turn her into Karen Gillan's character in Guardians of the Galaxy. Don't let me down, guys.

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