Perfect "Louis" Parody Has Chewbacca Doing Stand-Up

Chewie, Chewie, Chewie, Chewieeeee...

  • We all saw the new Star Wars teaser yesterday, right? (Of course we did, this is the Internet.) It was great to see our old pals Han and Chewbacca back on screen. But we had questions. Questions like: what's Chewie been up to all these years?

    Turns out he's been doing stand up in New York. Who knew?

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  • This shot-for-shot parody comes to us from Nerdist. Taking the intro to Louis CK's FX show Louis, we see Chewie doing everything Louis does before a show. We even get some bits from Chewbacca's set. (The crowd apparently speaks Wookie, so they're loving it.)

    And of course, this is New York, so literally no one cares that Chewbacca is eating a slice of pizza on the Lower East Side.

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