Let's Be (Really Stoned) Cops

These former officers are all about protecting and serving, in between sick bong rips

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    In the latest highly informative documentary mini-feature from, a trio of former police officers sit down in Washington State to consume some (legalized!) marijuana and generally reminisce about their experiences with the drug.

    (They'd all tried it before, before becoming police officers. Or so they're willing to say on camera.)

    After taking some hits from the bong, the cops express a generally lax attitude towards criminalizing marijuana use. One denies ever having arrested someone for possession of pot, feeling that confiscating the drug was a significant enough deterrent. Another speaks out against keeping the drug illegal at all, calling it "the last piece of Prohibition."

    As things progress (and a joint gets passed around in addition to the bong), the discussion gets less serious. (At one point, the 73-year-old member of the panel reveals he hasn't had sex in a while, and has forgotten whose job it is to tie up who.)

    They all conclude that they would be willing to smoke weed again, especially if they're going to then throw on "Captain America 2" on Blu-Ray.

    And if the name sounds familiar, that's probably because they previously had a huge hit video after giving some grandmothers weed to smoke and filming them:

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    Hmm... I think I'm starting to see a pattern forming...

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