This Beer Can Bacon Burger is What a Heart Attack Looks Like

It's like someone said, "You know what this bacon cheeseburger needs? More meat!"

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  • If you've been hankering for a little more meat on your bacon cheeseburger, the BBQ Pit Boys have a treat for you. If you're a vegetarian, however, you might want to look the other way. Because we have a special culinary concoction today: the barbecue beer can bacon burger. The use of a beer can to add a cavity to the beef patty allows more flavor (read: meat) to be added to the burger. As a funny coincidence, it also looks exactly like your heart will after eating one.

  • We kid. As the BBQ Pit Boys say in the video description, "Move on Vegematics and the Food Police." We don't want to be food police. And as we inch ever-closer to summertime, the thought of burgers and beer keeps sounding better and better.

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