Tiny Animals Have a Tiny BBQ for Independence Day

It's almost July 4th, so here's a hamster in a tricorn hat eating corn

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  • Next weekend is the 4th of July! Are you getting in the independence spirit? Planning a backyard barbecue? If you are, you're going to be facing some serious competition. The hottest barbecue this summer may also the smallest. Does anything say "Independence Day" more than a hamster in a tricorn hat eating corn? We think not.

    This video, from HelloDenizen, is the latest in their series of hamsters-eating-tiny-versions-of-huma-food. The classic Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos is a year old at this point. (I know, right!?) So we're happy they're keeping this tradition alive. Because it's adorable and awesome. Happy Independence Day!

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