Things You Can't Do Because You're Not a Pro Athlete

Just because an athlete can get away with it doesn't mean you can

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  • You work indoors, not outdoors. You hold meetings, not huddles. You shake hands, you don't slap butts. It's safe to say there are many differences between yourself and a professional athlete. And because of that, there are certain things pro athletes do that you just... can't do. Don't believe us? Check out the video above and see what it looks like when you bring a pro sports mindset into the board room.

    Or here's a quick recap: Don't scratch your balls in front of a room of people, don't ice up after a meeting, and don't chew tobacco under any circumstances ever, really. Make sure to follow these simple rules and you'll make it to the pros in no time! By which we mean "the professional world", not pro sports. Because you are not a professional athlete.

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