Celebrity Mean Tweets: Country Music Edition

“Gross. I just thought of Scotty McCreery.”

  • Ahhhh, it’s that time again. Time for celebrities to doubt their own self worth thanks to internet trolls. That’s right my friends, celebrity mean tweets is back with a special country music edition. It was about time the humble, welcoming reputation of the country music industry faced the music...and the trolls.

    The tweets range from oddly straightforward: “I would rather listen to the sound of my grandpa eating a nectarine for 3:30 than listen to a Florida Georgia line song”...To completely incomprehensible: “didnt really like da carrie underwood concert seem do dull it had no excitment brong bck da soccer team”...Come again?

    We don't know what's more hysterical: the things people post on the internet or the ways the stars react. We’ll let you decide for yourself.

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