The Internet Loves to Hate Kylo Ren from “Star Wars”

He’s the mopiest, mansplainy-est villain ever.

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    The rising villain of the new “Star Wars” sequels (MAJOR spoilers ahead, but WTF guys just go see the movie, it’s been weeks now) is the conflicted, brooding Dark Lord in training, Kylo Ren - and we probably should have known how the internet would react to him when this started happening:

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  • Ever since “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hit theaters and we got a load of Han and Leia’s mopey rebellious son throwing temper tantrums and mansplaining the Force to plucky heroine Rey, we can’t get enough of making fun of him.

    There’s the brilliant “Emo Kylo Ren” Twitter account that perfectly nails his combination of arrogance, angst and entitled whining by imagining him as a melodramatic, sexist high school student.

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  • We also have this hilarious 8-bit style parody from Bill Bergen, where Kylo Ren has lightsaber hissy fits over everything from having to wait five minutes for a booth at a restaurant to the “Serial” podcast having too many Space Draft Kings commercials.

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  • Yeah guys, I SIMPLY CAN’T IMAGINE how this over-confident, emotionally unstable man-child lost a battle to a girl who had to survive alone on a harsh desert planet nearly all her life. Totally unrealistic.

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