Funny or Die Secretly Made a Donald Trump Movie Starring Johnny Depp


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  • Doing what the world now knows as "pulling a Beyoncé," Funny or Die has very suddenly released a movie -- yes, an actual movie -- they made in secret. No pomp, no circumstance, not even a casual Facebook ad taken out ahead of time. And the movie in question? A Donald Trump pseudo-biopic. Starring Johnny Depp.

    Most people are somewhat familiar with the fact that Donald Trump has a memoir/advice book called The Art of the Deal, even if most of us probably haven't read it. And most people remember those bad-good made-for-TV movie specials from the '80s. Funny or Die decided to combine both of these things (actually claiming this is a lost special Trump made back in the day), throw in Depp and a bunch of other recognizable actors, and see what happens.

    I haven't watched the full film myself yet, but by all accounts, it's enjoyable entertainment. The trailer, at least, will prove to you that Depp makes a shockingly convincing Trump. Ruining the imaginations of girls and boys everywhere who grew up crushing on Edward Scissorhands/Jack Sparrow/Cry Baby. Seriously. I dare you to try to unsee it. You can't. And you never will.

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