Why Celebrities Can't Go Out in Public

How will a single cup of tea stand up against the number of photos being taken?

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  • Whenever we hear about celebrities lashing out at fans, it's often ugly. However, if you had to deal with this just getting a cup of tea, it might be somewhat understandable that you'd get a little tired and even a little snippy.

    Now, some will say "Well these people chose the limelight, therefore they are asking for it." To those of you who might believe this, consider that perhaps they chose a career they were talented at and that career comes with fame. It shouldn't come with the cost of losing the ability to walk outside. In other words, have a little sympathy, yeah?

    By the way, by the end of this video, over a hundred photos were taken with Ronaldo. He had 4 sips of his tea.

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