Woman Who Doesn't Understand PokemonGo Becomes Addicted

PokemonGo = Crack?

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  • Finally, a PokemonGo story that doesn't end with petty crime! Apparently, PokemonGo is even getting the uninterested addicted.

    This lovely woman downloaded the game in an effort to catch all the Pokemon around her workplace in order to stop the hoard of players who had recently invaded. Little did she know, she too would become a part of the PokemonGo army.

    She was also dismayed to find that it's not possible to "catch all the Pokemon" in the area since they are constantly regenerated by the game.

    The video above, I can only guess, was the moment she realized she actually liked the game despite "feeling like a nerd" and at that point had just driven across a parking lot to "get a rat-lookin' sumbitch."

    Welcome to the fold Kristen! Hope you enjoy playing!

    What's your best PokemonGo story? Tell us in the comments down below or on Twitter @WhatsTrending!

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