Valentine's Day With a Virtual Reality Lost Boyfriend Is Tough

A girl tries to get her VR lost boyfriend's attention through a variety of lip-synched songs in this fun video.

  • Valentine's Day is close, lovers! Here's hoping your boyfriend or girlfriend did not get lost in the all engrossing virtual world like some people's did. In this beautiful (and heartbreaking) video, a woman tries to get her boyfriend's attention as he gazes into the eyes of his true love — a virtual racing game.

    I've used those devices before, you can't see or hear a thing, and the girl takes full advantage of that, lip-synching to heartbreaking songs including Adele's "Someone Like You" and more. "Ugh, horrible," mutters this boyfriend. Is he saying this to the love of his life, or is it to some avatar in his racing game? We shall never know, for the Odysseus like siren of the "virtual reality game" has taken this gentleman in like no non-VR force could.

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