Kelly Osbourne Peed Her Pants at Pride: Blames Starbucks

And no, it's not because the green tea went through her too fast

  • During the Pride March in New York City this past weekend, Kelly Osbourne peed herself. The television personality tweeted about the incident on Saturday to announce to Starbucks that her accident was their fault:

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  • While I can relate to her on a spiritual level about Starbucks being the reason I am in and out of the bathroom, she doesn’t blame their green tea like I would. No, she blamed the employees and the establishments for the incident because they wouldn’t let her use the bathroom. While she was marching, she came across the age old problem so many New Yorkers do once they step out of their house: having to pee. When the Starbucks employees “refused to let” her use the bathroom, Osbourne couldn’t hold it anymore and had soggy pants for the rest of the day.

    While she says the employees wouldn’t allow her to use the bathroom, many twitter users are pointing out the issues in her claim:

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  • Twitter users are also coming to her defense saying it should be a law that every restaurant have a bathroom. What do you guys think? Is it Starbucks’ fault Kelly peed her pants? Let us know in the comments or at @whatstrending on Twitter!

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