Toddler Running With Knife Takes Internet by Storm

"A knife," yells the toddler.

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  • If you’ve ever wondered what a video whose more magic and glorious property can trigger pure and utter joy in the human brain, then my friend, take a look at the video above. In it, we see the purest expression of joy we could find online — a toddler who found a knife and is running around with said knife. When his mom asks him what he has in his hand, the child shouts, "A KNIFE," and continues to run. Heck, let’s put that in a block quote.

    A KNIFE!

    Upon witnessing such unique knife-wielding joy, the toddler’s mother — seeing the danger in hand of a baby running around with a knife shouts “NO," and runs after him, as the toddler picks up a little speed. Hey, let’s put that into a block quote too.


    A glorious masterpiece of joy. What did you think though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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