The Crazy History of Dying Easter Eggs

Did you know there is a link between dairy, syphilis, sideburns and … Easter Eggs?

  • Why Do We Dye Easter Eggs? -- Thought Glass #2

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    In this educational video, the origin of dying Easter eggs is explained. Apparently, Dairy + Eye + Hair + Side burns = Dye & Hide? This ridiculous video connects these specific parts of history to dying hair and although it may not make sense, it is interesting. For instance, who knew wigs became popular after a syphilis outbreak in Europe? Baldness and rashes were symptoms of syphilis, and soon people were using wigs to cover it up. Wigs were a luxury however, and so they became a part of popular culture. What does that have to do with Easter eggs? Nothing! But Easter eggs have been decorated and dyed for a millennia. Christians used to dye them red for the 'blood of Christ' but now adults rank red as the least popular color and the favorite is now blue!… Happy Easter!

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