Raspberry Bunny: Your Roundup Of Crazy Animal Videos

This cat wants to dance and these two dogs fight a bear breaking into their yard.

  • Brave Bold Bulldogs Meet a NH Black Bear

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    Two bulldogs actually broke through the railings on this farmer's porch to confront a bear. Crazy dogs! There's a line between stupid and fearless.

  • Cat trying to catch the bass

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    This cat thinks it can "catch" the bass line of this song and is super confused when it can't. Silly cat.

  • Jörg Kachelmann und Lupin

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    This German weather broadcast gets interrupted by a cat! The video isn't brand new, but it reached the front of r/videos today on Reddit and is just so amusing.

  • Bunny Eating Raspberries!

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    And now here's a bunny eating a raspberry and it looks like it's wearing lipstick! Enjoy.

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