The First Episode of iJustine's "HardWired 2.0" Is Here!

Popular tech vlogger iJustine partnered with AOL Originals to show us crazy tech we can use in everyday life!

  • Food Tech | Ep. 1 | HardWired 2.0

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    Who knew there was so much cool tech just for food?!

    Popular tech vlogger iJustine is back with AOL (yes, the company that used to send you all those discs in the mail) to bring you the second season of HardWried! The first episode is all about food tech, and holy impressive. Who knew you could do so much with food?

    Instant, fresh ice cream? Sign me up! If you haven't seen the first season of HardWired, we got you covered, you can catch up below!

  • Fitness Tech | Ep. 1 | HardWired ft. iJustine

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