Killing My Own Kid PRANK!!

Roman Atwood sets up what is most definitely the meanest prank ever.

  • Killing My Own Kid PRANK!!

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    In his latest prank, Roman Atwood sets up what is most definitely the cruelest prank we've ever seen. After his girlfriend Brittney comes home, she seems Roman and their son, Kane, playing upstairs. Roman asks Brittney to grab them some water bottles, which is when he swaps out his son for an identically clothed dummy. When Brittany reaches the top of the stairs Roman pretends to throw Kane over the railing of their stairs onto the floor below.

    While they might be laughing about it now...this is still the cruelest "prank" we've seen. Take note, if you're going to pull a prank...maybe don't make someone believe that their kid just died.

  • UPDATE: Apparently this is Gawker's first encounter with Mr. Atwood. I'm sure they'll be first in line to see Natural Born Pranksters.

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