Kandee Johnson Got "Huge On The Tube" As The Queen of Hearts

Her best makeup job may also be her creepiest.

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    In 2009, Kandee Johnson posted her makeup tutorial for the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. The video became Huge on the Tube (#HOTT), garnering more than 3.9 million views. The Queen of Hearts video remains a fan favorite. Kandee Johnson explains how she made her eyebrows vanish and the reason she loves this video in today's "Huge on the Tube," a VH1-What’s Trending production.

    In our interview, Johnson spoke about why her earlier videos hold a special place in her heart.

    "They're just goofier and sillier and more crazy. Now I'm like, 'Well, if I do that, people will make fun of me.' So I like those old ones when I didn't care."

    Special thanks to our awesome YouTube commentators Lisa Schwartz, Trisha Hershberger and Shanna Malcolm!

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