OSHA Employee Shows Up Just Before Trench Caves In

Safety first, folks.

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    There’s nothing the internet enjoys more than spectacularly foolish accidents where nobody gets hurt, so we can all joke about how dumb people are with a clear conscience.

    Take this video circulating on Reddit today, of construction workers in Oregon digging a trench without properly reinforcing the walls. An OSHA employee arrives at the site to find a man down in the trench, with a heavy mass of dirt just waiting to fall on his head.

    “Looks like you’ve got a bit of a shoring problem going on,” the official says. “He can’t be down there. How are you going to get him out?”

    The other workers start to argue - and as if on cue, the dirt crumbles and the worker in the trench has to leap onto a pipe to keep from being buried, proving the exasperated official’s point. “You wanted to see why he can’t be down there? That’s why he can’t be down there.”

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