Guy Creates Amazing Art Using GTA V

It's a combinations of screenshots and pure genius!

  • 04   king of sandy shores
  • Imgur user Berdu created these amazing scenes in GTA V and simply screenshot them.

  • 02   old mcdonald had a secret
  • 03   vintage car ad
  • As stated on the imgur post:

    All screenshots taken by me in GTAV using Rockstar Editor and various mods. No photoshopping done.

    Berdu kindly linked to his Flickr account, which contains more images he created, and links to the modifications he used to capture the images. You can check out more of them below!

  • 01   trevor as joker
  • 05   grove street gangsta
  • 06   city limits
  • 07   f 14 tomcat
  • 19   wetwork
  • 09   f 14 tomcat
  • 25   rally tracks
  • 27   aliens
  • 26   snitches get fatal gunshot wounds
  • 32   the drop

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