Can You Cut Wood with a Paper Saw?

This woodworker risked the mother of all paper cuts with his latest video.

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  • Anyone who has watched the Hydraulic Press guy try to crush a book knows how surprisingly dangerous paper can be — so how else can you use it to destroy things?

    Woodworker John Heisz from the “I Build It” channel decided to test paper’s slicing capabilities by making a cutout from a standard piece of A4 to fit his circular saw, and running a few objects through the paper blade.

    Not only does the paper stay intact as it spins, but it slices neatly through paper, cardboard, and a thin strip of wood without tearing. It even makes it almost halfway through a piece of wood about a quarter inch thick before it finally snags and shreds in the machine.

    The video is so weirdly fascinating that it got over a million views in one day — and judging from the comments section, it’s mostly from people who wanted to remark, “Imagine getting a paper cut on THAT thing!”

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