These Spongebob and Patrick IRL Models are HAUNTING

You can't unseen it

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  • When I think of Spongebob, I think of happy memories. The time he sang about “fun,” the time he slept over at Patricks place and the time the crusty crab pizza was the pizza for you and me. I love Spongebob. I love the happiness Spongebob brings me. 3D artist Miguel Vasquez wanted to ruin that though… Brace yourselves for a disturbing, sad interpretation of Spongebob and Patrick IRL.


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  • Seriously, this. is. not. okay.

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  • Twitter is not pleased:

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  • Vasquez told BuzzFeed that he has been obsessed with real life renderings of cartoon characters for years and finally decided to do his own. When they asked what he has to say about the millions of people who will never be able to sleep again he said simply, “that was the plan all along.”

    Well, if that was your plan, consider it a success. What do you guys think of this? Let us know in the comments or @whatstrending on Twitter!

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