Dad BRILLIANTLY Hacks Sneakers His Dog Chewed Up

This dad is a genius.

  • Remember that dad who bought a snorkel just so he could sleep while he is in the pool? Or the dad that brilliantly trolled his daughter who had his phone confiscated? Well, those viral dads now have some competition for best Twitter dad. Lindsay Onuffer tweeted out a picture of her dad’s brilliant plan for jerry-rigging his shoes their dog chewed up. Onuffer’s told BuzzFeed News that her dad, Steve, is a handy guy. When their pup, Sam, ruined his sneakers, Steve got creative and used a knife to cut them into sandals. Check them out below —

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  • Twitter users, of course, love the fact that he did this because it is (quite honestly) the most classic dad move ever.

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  • Nothing is better than dads being dads and coming up with easy fixes. What do you guys think of this cool dad’s hack? Would you wear sneaker sandals? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @whatstrending.

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