Blowing Air Into Sand Turns It Into a Liquid?

Whoa. This changes everything!

  • Science is this crazy, cool, and incredible thing, isn’t it? Check out, for example, the video below. It looks like your normal, run of the mill pile of sand, right? Wrong, because check out what happens to the sand when you blow air into it in this now viral tweet—

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  • Incredible. So what accounts for the scientific result of bubbly liquid-like sand? Well, apparently the process is called “liquefaction” — and it involves the use of air molecules to transform. We love it. We love all cool science. But, what can we do with this? Can we cause a sand castle to melt? Can we trap our enemies as long as our enemies are on the beach and we have a machine capable of providing a lot of air very quickly? We must be careful with such power. In the wrong hands — why — it could be a dangerous thing.

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