Check Out This Insane Floor Illusion

This floor is from a record store and it looks like it's dipping in and out.

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  • Look, we here at What’s Trending love a good optical illusion, but sometimes they’re just too crazy, too mind-bending, too terrifying to behold! Check out, for example, the unreal terror of this carpet in a record store that looks like it’s dipping in and out of the floor. Oh no! Is the floor melting? No! Stop your worrying for just a second. All you’re seeing, folks… is an illusion. Posted by Twitter user @MrMuself, the rug is set up in a weird pattern where even the light distortion seems to be drawn in — not to mention all those wire frames dipping in and out.

    The appearance of this mysterious rug floor has inspired other Twitter users to post some of their favorite terrifying floor patterns. Like, what the heck is up with the floor in this guy’s apartment building? This is in an apartment building! This is where you come home after a terrible day of work — you don’t need the confusion of a crazy floor.

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