John Oliver’s Bunny Book Outsells Mike Pence’s Bunny Book

John Oliver’s “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo," whose proceeds go to the Trevor Project, has sold out and is heading into a second printing.

  • This Sunday on ‘Last Week Tonight,’ John Oliver discussed Mike Pence, a man whose attributes his sadistic, homophobic beliefs to Christianity (which is a bad card to use for your sadistic, homophobic beliefs).

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  • John Oliver did promise to say at least one nice thing about Mike Pence, and he did — he likes his bunny. Mike Pence’s bunny Marlon Bundo (named after the pansexual actor, Marlon Brando) who just so happens to be getting a book of his own in the near future. John Oliver, however, brilliantly beat him to the punch by producing a Marlon Bundo book of his own — one about two gay rabbits who fall in love and try to be together, despite the homophobic efforts of a little bug, obviously based on Mike Pence.

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  • All funds from the book go to The Trevor Project and AIDS United to help at-risk gay youths and those who want to ends the AIDS epidemic. In a wonderful windfall — as Oliver discovered on Ellen — his book was both first and second in the Amazon Children’s book rankings — beating out Mike Pence’s probably awful rabbit book. Congratulations John Oliver, for doing the right thing in a hilarious and heartwarming way.

    You can donate to The Trevor Project and AIDS United by clicking on their names, and you can purchase John Oliver’s book — “A Day In The Life of Marlon Bundo” — by clicking on the title. The book, however, has JUST went out of print so it might be a hot minute.

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