Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Bizarre Apple Ad From 1984

Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Bizarre Apple Ad From 1984

  • In 1984, Apple dished out $50,000 dollars to film a whopping 9-minute internal inspirational video, to be shown at a sales associate meeting in Hawaii that year.

    The morale-boosting short featured Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his prime, responsible for leading the noble fight against corporate monster, IBM.

    Only recently released, this "1944" ad was created as spin-off of Apple's own successful "1984" commercial that aired during the Super Bowl that year. That commercial, inspired by George Orwell's book of the same title, was directed by filmmaker Ridley Scott and is said to have launched Mac computers into mainstream, irreversibly changing the landscape of tech marketing.

    What do you think -- were Steve Jobs' acting chops up to par?

  • Here's the full 9-minute inspirational video:

  • And, of course, the game-changing Super Bowl ad:

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