Justin Bieber Discovers Young Singer Madison Beer (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Discovers Young Singer Madison Beer (VIDEO)

  • Madison Beer is a 13-year-old singer/songwriter. And thanks to Justin Bieber, she's probably on a fast track to stardom as we type.

    About an hour ago, Bieber tweeted a video of Beer covering Etta James' "At Last" out of Loft Sound Studio and straight from the young singer's MadisonBeerMusic YouTube channel, which currently sports nine videos of Beer singing covers and playing piano. The tweeted vid only has about 38,000 views, but that number is sure to rise rapidly as Beer is likely to follow in the footsteps of Carly Rae Jepsen -- another female singer who can thank Bieber for launching her into the spotlight.

    "Madison Beer" started trending Worldwide on Twitter almost immediately after Bieber sent his tweet and she's been mentioned almost 900 times within the past hour, according to

    Beer herself has been tweeting up a storm @MadisonElleBeer since she was propelled into a crazy whirlwind of attention, after Justin Bieber tweeted to his 25 million+ followers:





    Here are just two examples of Madison Beer's reaction:





    What do you think about the new discovery?

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