Korean Pop Star Remixes PSY's Viral Rap Song (VIDEO)

Korean Pop Star Remixes PSY's Viral Rap Song (VIDEO)

  • South Korean rapper PSY took the Internet by storm last month with a glitz and glam music video for his hit song, "Gangnam Style," which hit almost 30 million views in under a month.

    The world loved it so much that PSY is back and delivering "Oppa Is Just My Style," a remixed version of his chart-topper, this time featuring the sultry talents of K-Pop star, 4Minute's Hyuna.

    Some call it the "girl version" of "Gangnam Style," as Hyuna adds some feminine flair to the song and joins PSY arm-in-arm through the spectacled world of their video.

    Also not to be missed is the now infamous horserace dance -- which has made its return in full swing.

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