Cosby Watching Cosby: A Raven-Symoné Era Edit

Cosby Watching Cosby: A Raven-Symoné Era Edit

  • Were you confused by the creative choices behind the last few seasons of Bill Cosby's classic sitcom, The Cosby Show?

    YouTuber Mike Schuster was. So, he and Diane Bullock harnessed the powers of the Internet to create the ultimate Huxtable family edit: "Cosby watches Cosby," a meta, confused look back at where The Cosby Show took a turn for the weird.

    But we can't be too harsh, can we? The show was partially responsible for launching the career of Disney and "Sister Act: The Musical" star, Raven-Symoné, who can be seen kickin' it with some attitude-filled dance moves in the video above.

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