Shaun Sperling Recreates Viral Madonna Bar Mitzvah Dance Video 20 Years Later

Shaun Sperling Recreates Viral Madonna Bar Mitzvah Dance Video 20 Years Later

  • A 1992 video from Shaun Sperling’s Madonna-themed Bar Mitzvah made its way onto YouTube this August and quickly went viral, having garnered enthusiastic viewer reactions to Shaun’s zealous interpretation of the famed “Vogue” dance.

    Now, twenty years later and all grown up, Sperling took the opportunity to recreate his YouTube-famous entrance at Mary's Attic in Chicago as a part of a fundraiser for UCAN. He even sported the same, unforgettable white button down with Madonna's face sprawled across the back. But those male dancers? Pretty sure they're a new addition.

    For more on where the Madonna fan is now, check out Shira's August interview with Sperling, in which he reminisces about his obsession with the pop queen and shares his reaction to the video’s online success.

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