"Proxy: A Slender Man Film" by Mike Diva

"Proxy: A Slender Man Film" by Mike Diva

  • Director/editor/musician and all-around awesome YouTuber Mike Diva released his new short film, "Proxy: A Slender Man Story" just in time for Halloween.

    Produced in collaboration with BlackBoxTV, Diva's nine-minute film tracks the terrifying journey of Vince, a young man whose life becomes consumed by fear as he is repeatedly menaced by images of a dark, shadowy, and tentacled figure. This menacing villain is based off of Internet horror sensation, Slender Man, which inspired a wealth of videos, memes, ghost stories, and even his own video game.

    For more of the Slender Man, check out our own "Zero Dark Thirty"/Slender Man parody trailer.

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