Why You Do Not Mess With The Biggest Geek In The World

Why You Do Not Mess With The Biggest Geek In The World

  • Levni Yilmaz - a.k.a. YouTube's AgentXPQ - is here to defend the nerd 'verse with his funny animated short, "'TRUE GEEK' Tales Of Mere Existence."

    "May I remind you that geekdom is neither a fashion statement nor a trend? It is a lifestyle and a state of mind," he says in response to one faux geek's claim that she is the biggest geek in the world.

    Things get really series when our YouTuber brings into play his mint condition, Sideshow Collectibles James Bond action figures, Atari, unbeatable arsenal of "Star Wars" references, and passionate love for the original "Honey West" television series.

    They may seem like meek creatures, but dare to cross a true geek's path and you will feel their wrath with all the force of The Force.

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