Real-Life Fruit Ninja Slices and Dices to Dubstep

Real-Life Fruit Ninja Slices and Dices to Dubstep

  • Everyone's favorite produce-slicing ninja is now a real-life action hero thanks to YouTuber scottdw.

    Based on the popular Halfbrick Studios Fruit Ninja game for iPhone and Android, the above video profiles the remarkable feats of one man who loves to destroy fruit with ninja-like qualities. Add a slow motion camera and some original dubstep music and you're looking at a readymade viral video.

    YouTube aficionados might recognize this filmmakers and dubstep master from his previous masterpiece, "Cute Kittens Fly in Slow Motion to Hip Hop Dubstep."

    Also, this ninja should definitely hang out with fellow Internet sensation, the Bottle Slayer.

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