A Fan Fixed The Ending To "How I Met Your Mother"

The last two minutes of the series never happened. This is far more romantic.

  • How I Met Your Mother Alternative Ending

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    The Internet exploded with rage at the ending to How I Met Your Mother, which aired its series finale after nine years on Monday. SPOILERS AHEAD.

    The mother died and Ted ended up with Robin after all, and fans were pissed. One fan even took it further, creating their ideal ending to the show.

    "This is my personal cut of the ending of the How I Met Your Mother series finale," the fan wrote. "I believe that this is more like the ending that we deserve and that through all this years have been waiting for, in my mind this is how I will personally remember the end of my favorite show, and if you like me were disappointed in how they wrapped the show up, I may have your back."

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