Steve Zaragoza Plays A Mental Game Of Thrones

SoulPancake is back with "The Flipside," in this new episode starring SourceFed's Steve Zaragoza!

  • Mental Game of Thrones - The FlipSide

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  • The Office's Rainn Wilson's popular thought provoking YouTube channel is back with their popular series "The Flipside" with SourceFed's Steve Zaragoze. SoulPancake was able to combine Steve's signature comedy and enthusiasm over Game of Thrones, yet still make us want to look within ourselves.

    If you haven't seen "The Flipside," here are a few of our favorite episodes featuring some of your favorite YouTubers.

  • First Date - The FlipSide

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  • Family Business - The FlipSide

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  • Under the Bed - The FlipSide

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  • So, we're curious...What situations have made you play a mental Game of Thrones with yourself? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @WhatsTrending!

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